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Data policy

This site works, like most, best if cookies are allowed. When you visit the website, we send (and store) a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small text file sent from a web server to a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) This cookie allows the website or web server to collect specific but delimited information from the web browser around the user (you) .

We use a variety of cookies on the website. These vary from long term cookies (to remember your preferences / preferences) for short-term cookies that expire as soon as you close your browser window.

How do we cook Cookies?

la Label, (" Label"/"vi") may use cookies to help the website recognize you when you visit the website again and to know which pages you are looking at and which specific references you have previously chosen. We may use this information to personalize the content that appears and prevent certain popups or save a product in the online shopping cart once you have chosen it.

We need tracking tools to collect customer behavior information that we use to improve the website and internal reports.

Sometimes we incorporate footage elements from external vendors, including videos, on the website. These items use cookies for analysis and functionality checks, including remembering how long a video has been played before pause, etc. These cookies are set by third parties that deliver the multimedia item. [The multimedia item will typically indicate a reference to the third party that delivered the item.]

We may want to use cookies for target marketing based on your preferences, such as through a DoubleClick cookie that stops you from seeing the same ads again.

We may use third party cookies (e.g., from Google Inc.) to compile and store anonymous statistics about browsing patterns or web site behavior and build demographic profiles. This data is collected together with other visitors' data to form a collective analysis report. These data are not personally identifiable and are used solely for reporting / static purposes.

We may also want to use a variety of social media tools, both third-party and custom-built, to increase user interaction (e.g., "Featured", "Share", or "Tweet") on our website. If you already use these platforms, their cookies may be converted to our website and linked to your user account with this third party. Data may be used by them to specialize certain advertisements and functionality on their website based on your use of their services on this website. Please note that these parties use your personal data in accordance with the confidentiality and cookie policy applicable to their services.

The handling of your personal information

La Label is the data controller for the information provided through cookies on this website. By accepting our use of cookies, you consent to our handling of your personal information as described in this cookie policy. Our handling is therefore in accordance with your consent.

To the extent that cookies are set by a third party, such as a social media service provider, the relevant third party must have access to the cookies and be responsible for the information collected through the use of these cookies.

Service providers with data access used by

The following subcontractors of our IT systems can access our user's personal data by with la Label. They provide services that we consider necessary to enable us to live up to the agreement you make with la Label by being a customer of us.

 Servide Location Legal agreement to process data outside EU Function Updated
Google US EU-US Privacy Shield Tracking,marketing and statistic 12/7-2020
Facebook (incl. Instagram) US EU-US Privacy Shield Tracking,marketing and statistic 12/7-2020
Mailchimp US EU-US Privacy Shield Email marketing 12/7-2020 DK Shipping labels  12/7-2020
Pensopay ApS DK Payment handling 12/7-2020
Quickpay ApS DK Bookkeeping and order management 12/7-2020
Visma Economic A/S DK Bookkeeping and order management 12/7-2020

The list will be updated regularly for any changes. If a service provider is added, all users will also be notified.

The information collected through permanent or semi-permanent cookies is usually stored 1-2 years, while session cookies are removed when you close your browser.

What if I do not want cookies

If you do not want to accept cookies from this home page, you may decline cookies. Most browsers allow you to reject the acceptance of cookies and you can easily manage these cookies through the use of the help menu in your browser or by contacting your system administrator.

Here you can find advice on how to remove cookies from the most commonly used browsers:

Please note that if you disable cookies on this site, certain services or pages on this site may be inaccessible or unable to function as expected.

For more information about cookies, including how to prevent the installation of cookies or deleting existing cookies from your hard drive, visit this website:



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