We love fashion, aesthetic to-die-for universes, cool packaging, love and real people. Fashion is supposed to be fun and for everyBODY, we advocate for everyone to proudly own their own uniqueness. Real people are our inspiration, and we celebrate fashion and self-love for everyone.


And hey, we’re not out to make you into someone else. We just want to bring you the coolest statement clothes and plastic fantastic accessories – yes, clothes you actually want to wear every day. Basic wardrobe styles made cool, fun and fashionable. Too flawless is boring. It’s time to label ourselves and speak up, show your story to the world … share with us, we’re totally on the Selfie-team


With our philosophy love is never out of fashion and positive take on narcissism, we design statement collections that mirror the here and now world, trends and tendencies and add the coolest and best accessories so you can glitter from top to toe


What are you waiting for? Shop here. And hey Babe, you’re perfect